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Our water system serves a total population of 9,870 (2010) census) through 1600 service connections. The total amount of water produced in calendar year 2013 was 485,288,000 gallons. The daily average of water treated and pumped into the distribution system was 1,329,000 gallons per day. Our highest single day was 2,025,000 gallons which occurred on July 18, 2013. The amount of water delivered to customers was 449,93,720 gallons. The Sleepy Hollow Water Department maintains a storage reservoir situated on Rockefeller State Park Preserve property. This reservoir’s capacity is 800,000 gallons with an elevation of 408 feet above sea level.

The Village of Sleepy Hollow has one (1) year round primary source of water. This surface water source comes from the Catskill/Delaware Aqueduct downstream from the Kensico Reservoir in Valhalla, New York. In addition, the municipality has an emergency source of water from the New Croton Aqueduct which originates at the surface water Croton Reservoir in Yorktown, New York. The transmission main from the Catskill Aqueduct to our water treatment plant located on 403 Neperan Road in the Village of Tarrytown has the capability of supplying a maximum capacity of 11.0 million gallons per day (MGD). This transmission main also serves as the primary source of potable water for our neighboring village of Tarrytown. The Catskill Pumping Station can supply a peak water demand of 4.0 MGD. The treatment process at the Pumping Station consists of the application of a blended orthophosphate liquid for corrosion control, followed by gaseous chlorine for disinfection and finally pH adjustment with sodium hydroxide (caustic soda).

Water & Sewage Emergencies:

Call Sleepy Hollow Police Department at (914) 631-0800.

Water Billing Inquiries:

Please email Sara DiGiacomo

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Joseph DeFeo Water & Sewer Maintenance Foreman (914) 366-5190