Village Clerk

Registrar of Vital Statistics; Foil Officer; Personnel Officer; Safety Officer

The Village Clerk is a public official, appointed by the Mayor and Board of Trustees to a two-year term. She reports directly to the Mayor and Village Admininstrator. The Clerk is responsible for assisting the Westchester County Board of Elections with Village elections and maintains all Village records and communications of the Board of Trustees such as meeting minutes, resolutions, local laws and public announcements, also:

  • Serves as Executive Secretary to the Board of Trustees;
  • Prepares and files Agendas, Minutes and Public Hearings;
  • Maintains ordinances, resolutions and contracts;
  • Issues various permits required under state statute and local ordinance;
  • Serves as Registrar of Vital Statistics (Birth & Death Certificates);
  • Serves as Safety Officer;
  • Serves as Personnel Officer.

The Village Clerk is charged with a variety of personnel-related functions for the Village. The Clerk’s Office is the primary interface between the Village and the Westchester County Personnel Department for Civil Service issues. Additionally, the Village Clerk coordinates the Village’s Workers Compensation claims and serves as Safety Officer.  

The Village Clerk issues various permits; such as burglar/fire alarms, peddlers/vendors, dumpsters/pods, sidewalk/street openings, landscapers/gardeners, handicapped permits, municipal parking permits, dog park permits; filming and more. The Village Clerk is also the Personnel Record keeper for all employees, and the Records Access Officer also known as FOILA "FOIL" Officer: The Records Access Officer "FOILA Officer" will respond based on the availability of requested records within five days of receiving a request. The "FOILA" request form is available electronically on our website.
*For all birth or death certificates visit:  or call 914 366 5110, between 10am and 3:30pm

To apply for a permit, click on the name of the form you need, print and complete the application, and return it to the Village Clerk with the appropriate fee for processing. Checks should be made payable to the Village of Sleepy Hollow.

Paula A. McCarthy Tompkins, is the Village Clerk for Sleepy Hollow. She was appointed to the position of Village Clerk in July of 2009 and previously had been appointed Deputy Clerk in January of 2008. Shas been employed with the Village since 2006 and is former President & former Vice-President of the Westchester County Municipal Clerks & Treasurers Association Board (WCMCTA). Mrs. McCarthy Tompkins is a graduate of Sleepy Hollow High School. 

Email Paula A. McCarthy Tompkins.
*For the Town of Mt. Pleasant clik here: 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Paula A. McCarthy Village Clerk (914) 366-5106
Joan Bucci Deputy Clerk (914) 366-5113