About Us (cont'd)

The Sleepy Hollow Fire Department consists of five fire companies, each operating an individual piece of fire apparatus, a marine unit, and a junior corps program. The fleet consists of three engines, one tower ladder, one rescue, two boats and three Chief vehicles.  The Department provides the following services: fire suppression, vehicle extrication, surface water rescue, ice rescue, rapid intervention team and any emergency where its response is deemed appropriate.

Sleepy Hollow firefighters have been, and still are, an important factor in the municipal government, and are generally recognized as a group that has contributed much to its betterment. Volunteers have rendered invaluable service during the past 135 years. They have fought fires in freezing weather and in the heat of summer, rescued people, and saved property in the never-ending battle against fire. Men and women have given freely of their time and energies in company and department work. Practicing what many only preach, Sleepy Hollow’s volunteer firefighters render a service, the value of which cannot be estimated in dollars and cents.

The volunteer firefighters today are still an asset to Sleepy Hollow. Without them, insurance rates would be higher; tax rates would be excessive, for firefighting services, the actual work, are rendered by these volunteers at no cost to the taxpayers. Only the equipment, maintenance costs and vital supplies are included in the taxes paid.

Fire companies in Sleepy Hollow have been, and still are, social organizations in addition to being firefighting units. Through their participation, men and women have made lifelong friendships.

Today, the Sleepy Hollow firefighter performs his or her daily task, always ready and willing to come to the aid of their neighbor in performance of a duty which he has volunteered to do without thought of fee or reward.

For questions and/or information email us at: www.sleepyhollowfd.org