Property Tax Payment Schedule & Information

When are the Village of Sleepy Hollow property tax payments due?
Village taxes are payable in two installments due June 30th and December 31st.  If the last day of the month is a weekend or holiday, the due date is the next business day.

Where do I pay my Village taxes?
Payments can be mailed to Village of Sleepy Hollow Tax Bills, 28 Beekman Avenue, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591 or made in-person at the Village Hall on the second floor.  Checks should be made payable to the Village of Sleepy Hollow.  Please include the parcel ID# and bill # on your check.  Your cancelled check is your receipt. If payment is made by mail, the US Post Office postmark is used as the date of receipt. Postmarks are valid only if done at the U.S. Post Office, on or before the final due date.  Foreign country postmarks and private/corporate postage machines postmarks are not acceptable proof of timely payments.

Can I pay my tax bill and water bill with the same check?
No.  Please write separate checks.

What if I pay my Village taxes late?
Past due accounts are assessed a 5% penalty for the first thirty days of delinquency after the due date, and an additional 1% per month for every 30 days thereafter. No Exceptions. If the first installment was not paid on time, then only payment in full plus penalties will be accepted.  Failure to receive a bill does not waive penalties.

What if I stop escrowing or sell my home?
If you have an escrow account, your must notify the Finance Department of any changes to your account.  For example, if your refinance, sell or buy a home or cancel your escrow account, notify the Finance Department by clicking here and completing a Tax Change of Address Form so that the Village’s tax database may be updated with your new information.

What if I think my taxes are too high?
Village property owners are entitled to file a grievance if they believe the assessed value of their property is excessive. Tax grievance day is held once a year on the third Tuesday in February. A “Complaint on Real Property Assessment” form can be obtained from the Village Clerk on the second floor of Village Hall.

Where do I get information about my town, county and school taxes?
Information about town, county and school taxes can be obtained from the Town of Mt. Pleasant by calling 914-742-2348 by clicking on the links below to the Town of Mt. Pleasant web site.

When are town/county tax payments due?

When and where do I go to pay my school taxes?