Sleepy Hollow Local Development Corporation


About the Sleepy Hollow Local Development Corporation

The Village of Sleepy Hollow Board of Trustees initially created the Sleepy Hollow Local Development Corporation (LDC) in 2014 as a mechanism to receive property from General Motors. The Village Board also envisioned that the LDC could play a role in future projects to benefit the community.

A Local Development Corporation is an instrument created by the New York State Legislature designed to allow local municipalities to spur economic development. LDC’s are not-for-profit entities with the ability to issue tax-exempt bonds to help jumpstart economically beneficial programs, or to serve in other capacities to lesson the burden on local governments to bring projects to fruition.

The most immediate benefit for Village residents will be the LDC’s work to move the East Parcel development forward, in conjunction with the Planning Board and Board of Trustees.  The goal is to create a Village asset that will benefit the community for decades to come. 

 Mission Statement 

The Sleepy Hollow Local Development Corporation promotes and supports employment opportunities and economic development in Sleepy Hollow and surrounding communities through the use of selective financing, real estate development, public works, and related business partnerships.  

Questions and/or comments should be emailed top the SHLDC Chief Executive Officer.

Board of Directors of the Sleepy Hollow Local Development Corporation (SHLDC)

Name Title
David Schroedel Chairman
Teresa Oeste-Villavieja Vice Chairperson
Michael Dawley Treasurer
Anthony J. Scarpati Secretary
Kenneth G. Wray Village Mayor, Ex-officio

The SHLDC Board is served by:


Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Joan Bucci

Acting Secretary